Grey Limbo

Yoga pants, hiking leggings, running tights, rugby tights, gym leggings, tennis tights, dance tights or everyday tights. These whale and floral grey leggings are perfect for whatever activity that gets you moving!



The artwork was created by a Swedish artist to pay tribute to the majestic whale. While drawing the whale the artist wanted to capture a feeling of loneliness and power associated with both the whale and the depth of the ocean. The placement of the whale in a garden presents a contrast between its massive size and delicate flowers and plants, typically seen in a garden. Thereby highlighting that the whale can not be trapped by vines nor does it exist in the same place as a delicate rose which in turn emphasizes its powerful nature. Furthermore, the artwork is also meant to remind us that we are the source of many of the threats to marine life, including the whale species, but more importantly that we can be the solution.


You can read more about the whale and threats against marine life on the A Whale in the Garden Blog.


In addition to being meaningful, the black and grey shorts can be paired with a wide variety of tops with various designs and colours. However, for those who enjoy a matching outfit and looking extra put together, check out A Whale in the Garden tops.



The floral and whale grey shorts are not only stylish but also made with care to give you the best experience. The soft, comfortable microfiber yarn with nature-inspired print has been precision-cut and hand-sewn into body-flattering shorts, with flat seams and cover stitches. A raised waistband makes sure that your sports shorts are comfortable and stay in place during extra intense workouts. In addition to being adapted to sweaty workouts, the material, which is made of 82% polyester and 18% spandex, is four-way stretchable, which means that it stretches and recovers on both the cross and lengthwise grains. This enables unrestrained and flexible movement making the leggings a perfect gift for yoga lovers or gift for dancers, where free movement is essential.



The floral and whale sports shorts are available in sizes from XS to XL.

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