Grey Limbo

Just imagine this top under a leather jacket or a skirt and some high boots. FABULOUS! This turquoise mesh top is both stylish and playful. Perfect for anyone looking to match a cute playful top with a cool and serious-looking item.


The pink jellyfish embroidery with the dark outline resembles an illustration or an animated character which makes this top perfect for both art lovers and video game lovers. Furthermore, the clean and mesh inspired design and vivid colours give this top a sporty vibe. It can be worn over a sports bra or tank top making it especially suited for summer. However, in the colder winter months, it can be layered over a longsleeved top creating a cute artsy look. 


The sporty top is in outstanding condition. This reveals its great quality and durability. When worn with black, the turquoise colour, which still looks as it has just been dyed, truly pops adding just the right amount of vibrant colour to your outfit.


Liven up your look with this ocean-inspired playful top for just € 12!



Turquoise Mesh Top


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