Grey Limbo

Enrich your wardrobe with a versatile long sleeve tee. For a casual look, combine it with your favourite jeans, and layer it with a button-up shirt, a zip-up hoodie, or a snazzy jacket. Dress it up with formal trousers or chinos to achieve a more professional look.



The whale and garden drawings were created by a Swedish artist to pay tribute to the majestic whale and to portray a feeling of power but also of loneliness associated with both the whale and the vast ocean. The placement of the whale in a garden presents a contrast between its massive size and the delicate flowers and plants, typically seen in a garden. In turn, this emphasizes the whale's powerful nature by highlighting that it does not belong in the same place as a rose. The majestic whale belongs in a place great enough to handle its enormous size: the ocean. However, the illustrations also remind us that we are the cause of many of the threats to marine life, including the whale species, but, even more importantly, that we can be the solution.


You can read more about this on the A Whale in the Garden Blog.


In addition to being meaningful, the black and white print can be paired with a wide variety of shorts, jeans, dress pants, joggers and sports tights of various designs and colours. However, for those who enjoy a matching outfit and looking extra put together, check out our A Whale in the Garden pants with a similar whale and floral print.



This long-sleeve tee is made out of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton which makes it incredibly soft and lightweight. The crew neck collar is cover-stitched and the 2'' cuffs are ribbed. To allow the best print surface for the A Whale in the Garden designs and illustrations the long sleeve tee has been side-seamed.


The shirt is available in the sizes S - 2XL.

Unisex Long Sleeve Tee